July/August 2005
Chinese Director Scores Again With 2046 
Review by Harriet Robbins
Holy Girl (La Nina Santa) Review by Harriet Robbins
The Edukators Review by Willard Manus
Edinburgh´s 2005 Festival Highlights
News From L.A.
News And Reviews From New York by Richmond Shepard
updated: August 30th
The Other Chekhov Book Review Dorothy Sinclair

Flags Review by Willard Manus


Melancholy Play Review by Willard Manus


My Own Wife Review by Willard Manus


Stuff Happens Review by Willard Manus


The Arab-Israeli Cookbook Review by Willard Manus


Two Gentlemen Of Corona Review by Willard Manus


When Worlds Collide Review by Willard Manus

Classical Music News
Bix - The Definitive Biography Of A Jazz Legend
Book Review by Willard Manus
Bunny Berrigan - Elusive Legend Of Jazz
Book Review by Willard Manus
Grimm Again Review by Willard Manus
Rock With The Hot 8 Review by Willard Manus
The Italians Are Coming, The Italians Are Coming !
Feature by Willard Manus
Don´t Go Near The Water Reviews by Willard Manus
Preparations Gave Him Pleasure Review by Jeffrey Carson
The Poem In Time Of War Review by David Ray
The Gods Of War by Max Epstein
L.A. Opera´s 2004-2005 Season Concludes On A High Note Review by Willard Manus
Eifman Electrifies L.A. Review by Willard Manus
Human Interest
There Are No Birds Today In Yesterday´s Nest
by Irving Kronenberg
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