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The Fixers
Connubial Bliss
Pigskin Rabbi

Willard Manus has published numerous books, both fiction and non-fiction (see below). His stories and articles have been published in such periodicals as Financial Post (Canada), New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, The Observer (U.K.), Blackwood's (U.K.), Argosy, New Letters, Confrontation, Omphalos, Venture and many others. He is also a much-produced playwright.

His books include:

LOVE UNDER AEGEAN SKIES is a novel set in the sun-drenched, history-laden Greek island village of Lindos. The book deals with the high jinks of the expatriate colony living there in the 1960s alongside the native Greeks. The resulting cultural, sexual and political battles make for spirited, bawdy and hilarious reading.

American novelist Willard Manus lived in Lindos for many years and has drawn on his personal experiences in the writing of LOVE UNDER AEGEAN SKIES. He is the author of numerous other books, including MOTT THE HOOPLE, the novel from which the 70s British rock band took its name

A DOG CALLED LEKA, a new Young Adult novel by Willard Manus, tells the adventurous story of a young American lad sailing the Greek islands in the company of a remarkable dog. Together they face unexpected dangers, learning how to survive by their wits, bravery and skill.

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THIS WAY TO PARADISE--DANCING ON THE TABLES, a memoir dealing with the 35 years he and his wife Mavis have spent in Lindos, a village on the Greek island of Rhodes. Written in a warm, exuberant style, the book paints a vivid picture of life in the village: learning the language, raising and educating two children, buying and restoring a 17th century Knights of St. John house, surviving as a freelance writer. Its 354 pages are packed with portraits of the people they met in Lindos, the Greeks and foreigners who helped put the village on the traveler's map and transformed it from a remote, primitive artist's colony to a major Aegean tourist center. Among the personages are the Pink Floyd band, S.J. Perelman, Germaine Greer, Martha Gellhorn, Nicol Williamson and R.D. Laing.

History also figures in the book: life under the military dictatorship that ruled Greece from 1967-74, the dangerous tension between Greece and Turkey, the eventual restoration of democracy and civil liberties in the country.

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THE FIXERS, a fictional account of the point-shaving college basketball scandals of the 1950s.
Out of print.

MOTT THE HOOPLE, a comic novel about a bawdy, larger-than- life, anti-establishment hero named Norman Mott. Life magazine called it "one of the funniest American novels ever." A British rock band of the 1970s took its name from the book.

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THE FIGHTING MEN, an action-adventure tale dealing with a bunch of Viet Nam vets who meet in South American for a reunion-- and end up going into battle against some local guerillas. Judith ("Looking For Mr Goodbar") Rossner called the novel "a powerful, complex story with a strong message about the nature of war, of the men who choose to fight, and life itself."

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CONNUBIAL BLISS, a comic novel about sexual obession. One critic called it "a mournful, witty, elegaic and monstrously funny novel--as if, in the last decline of the 20th century, Rabelais had written in America."

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THE PIGSKIN RABBI, a comic novel about a young, drop-out rabbi who becomes quarterback of the New York Giants. The San Francisco Chronicle called it "a wicked satire and a vastly entertaining fable." The Arizona Republic said "Manus' irreverent humor and fluent style will tickle the funny bones of sports enthusiasts of all creeds, and will ignite the enthusiasm of defenders of the underdog."

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Willard Manus has also written a children's book, THE ISLAND KIDS. An adventure-packed tale of two American kids growing up on a Greek island, the book is illustrated with b & w photographs and has simple text suitable for young children.

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Mavis Manus is the co-author of a successful cookbook, THE ART OF RUSSIAN CUISINE. Published in 1983 by Macmillan Co., it has been kept in print ever since, thanks not only to its savory recipes but to its encyclopedic research into the history of Russian food. The book is also packed with amusing and lip-smacking quotes on food culled from such great Russian writers as Tolstoy, Chekhov and Gorki.

Also by Willard Manus:

MM AT 58: A BRIEF AWAKENING, a VHS video of his acclaimed one- woman play about Marilyn Monroe which offers a unique take on the late movie star: what if Marilyn were alive at age 58--and had a second chance as an actress and a woman. Clair Sinnett, who stars in this 70-minute drama, was called "perfect" by Entertainment Weekly. "She gives an unforgettable performance." $30

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WALT WHITMAN--SWEET BIRD OF FREEDOM. A prize-winning radio drama about the life of the famed American poet. The drama was performed before a Hollywood audience and features a large cast of outstanding actors. Audio cassette, $20.--in the USA & abroad. Order directly from the author (see below).

MATES--JACK & CHARMIAN LONDON. A powerful radio drama about the relationship between the great American writer Jack London and his equally remarkable wife, Charmian. The play was performed before a Hollywood audience and has been broadcast over PBS radio. Audio cassette, $20.-- in the USA & abroad. Order directly from the author (see below).

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