Only Human


REVIEW by Harriet Robbins

When I received the screening notice of the film ONLY HUMAN from Magnolia Pictures, I was delighted, if only because Norma Aleandro, an Oscar-nominated actress (Gaby), was playing a leading role in it.

My husband Sam and I met Norma when she starred in Official Story, which won the 1985 Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Norma also shared in a Best Actress award in Cannes that year.

Sam was raised in Argentina, which gave him a common bond with Norma, who began acting as a child and soon developed into a major star, carrying on in the tradition of her parents. She also became a screenwriter and published author.

During the period of repression in Argentina (in the 70s and 80s), Norma spent most of her time in Uruguay and Spain.

Her outstanding performances speak for themselves, covering a wide range of characters. I recall seeing her in a solo stage play in which she portrayed, in bright colors, the life of a woman from childhood to old age. Norma never left the stage but managed to age right in front of the audience with ease and grace.

How wonderful to see her in ONLY HUMAN, where her comic talents are put to good use in her role as Gloria, the mother in this irreverent family tale which is played with all stops out by an outstanding ensemble cast, delivering a laugh a minute as it shoots darts at age-old prejudices and political absurdities.

We do not always get an opportunity to see such a refreshing and enjoyable film, which was written and directed by a husband-and-wife team, one English, the other Spanish--Dominio Hearari and Teresa de Pelegri.

ONLY HUMAN is a film about relationships done with high style and humor.