Fugitive Pieces


MOVIE FEATURE by Harriet Robbins

The Holocaust has touched millions of lives. It has also been the subject of many books, poems and films, the latest of which is FUGITIVE PIECES, a feature adapted from the award-winning novel by Anne Michaels. Written and directed by Jeremy Podeswa and produced by Robert Lantos, FUGITIVE PIECES touches a nerve today by dramatizing the trauma and after-effects resulting from the murder and violence committed by the Nazis in WW II.

In this story of love, loss and redemption we travel with Jakob Beer who, at the age of nine, saw his parents killed and sister abducted by the Germans. He flees with the knowledge of this tragedy and terror embedded in his mind. Torn from his loving Jewish family and thrust into the hell of war, he is rescued by his savior, Athos Roussos (Rade Sherbedgia), a Greek archaeologist working at a dig in Poland. Athos smuggles Jakob into Greece and cares for him tenderly.

Eventually Athos and Jakob emigrate to Canada, where even as an adult Jakob is haunted by his memories and loss. Jakob becomes a writer and on the surface all seems to go well with him, but the past keeps impinging, spoiling his first marriage. However, after returning to Greece following Athos's death, Jakob finds a new lease on life when he meets Michaela, a kindred spirit with whom he can finally experience love and acceptance.

FUGITIVE PIECES touches the heart and soul. This Canadian/Greek co-production features an excellent ensemble cast that includes Stephen Dillane, Rosamund Pike, Ayelet Zurer and Robbie Kay, all of whom peform their roles with insight and skill. They--and the superb Rade Sherbedgia--help make FUGITIVE PIECES a special film, one that sees past the horrors of the past in a lyrical and poetic way, giving hope for the future.

Look for FUGITIVE PIECES in select theatres and on DVD.