November/December 2008
A Christmas Tale Review by Willard Manus
Filth & Wisdom Review by Willard Manus
A Secret Review by Harriet Robbins
News And Reviews From New York by Richmond Shepard
updated December 28th
Desperate Writers Review by Willard Manus
George Gershwin Alone Review by Willard Manus
Classical Music News
Loverly & Before Love Has Gone Review by Willard Manus
Old School Blues Review by Willard Manus
Swimming With Seals On Alonissos Feature by Willard Manus
American Fugue Review by Willard Manus
I Have Fun Everywhere I Go Review by Willard Manus
Rhode Island Notebook Review by Willard Manus
The Shock Doctrine Review by Willard Manus
The Call by Willard Manus
Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci Review by Polly Hope
Façade & The Bear Review by Polly Jope
Madama Butterfly Review by Willard Manus
Matilde Di Shabran Review by Polly Hope
Dance News
Human Interest
Pushing The Limits Feature by Willard Manus
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