News for January/February 2003


DANCE CHRONICLE, which was first published in 1976, originated from a request by Mary Ann Liebert, of Marcel Dekker, Inc., to start a new journal to replace the defunct Dance Perspective, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The magazine marked the event by publishing two serials which will run through the next three issues: the letters which the famed choreographer August Bournonville wrote in 1841 to his wife while traveling in France and Italy, and a biographical study by Katherine Sorley Walker of the pioneering dance bookseller, publisher and writer, Cyril Beaumont, whose work introduced many dance aficionados to the great ballets of the past.

Dance Chronicle has been edited all these years by Jack Anderson, dance critic for the New York Times and The Dancing Times, and George Dorris, teacher, dance historian and poet.

Congratulations to them and to the magazine, which continues to publish articles by some of the major figures in the dance world, plus the work of up and coming dance writers and scholars.

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