News for May/June 2003


LOS ANGELES -- Highways Performance Space has scheduled some provocative dance pieces in the coming weeks.

On May 15-17 Norah Zuniga Shaw and Stefanie Adcock will present THESE STORIES OF IN-BETWEEN, a shared evening of dance and film, two separate bodies of work that each cross into imaginative landscapes of shifting time, space and possibility.

Co-produced by the UCLA Department of World Arts & Cultures as part of its MFA Upstarts Series.

On May 22-25, the TRIP Dance Theater will mount PRAYING FOR DAYBREAK, "a response to the darkness of our times." The piece is "bursting with question, sorrow and vision," and offers impassioned contemporary dance and music combined with haunting imagery in an attempt "to tap our basic instincts and connect with nature and humanity."

TRIPS' artistic director and choreographer is Monica Favand. Original music by Charlie Campagna/TRIP music Ensemble.

Meri Bender's DANCE CYCLES (June 26-28) brings together an array of noted LA dancers and choreographers, including Dan Bondi, Elizabeth Ince, Iris Pell, Patrick Damon Rago, Robert Whidbee and Roberta Wolin-Manker, Jr in works which "explore growth, relationships, aging and loss" using conversation, text by Aimee Bender, live music and movement.

Highways Performance Space, 1651 18th St., Santa Monica. Call (310) 453-1755 or visit

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