Classical Music News for September/October 2004:


LOS ANGELES -- IN THE MUSIC ROOM, the unique chamber music series, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this fall. Started by pianist Daniel Shulman, the series presents music in intimate settings ranging from salons to school auditoriums across southern California.

"To commemorate the occasion and satisfy our long-lived purposes the season-to-be is filled with music of speciasl merit," said Shulman. "There is an evening of three 'early' piano sonatas by Beethoven, each prefaced by a complementary work by another of the great Classical masters. There are character pieces by Robert Schumann, and the first of his two brooding and passionate sonatas for violin and piano. There are important piano trios by Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, and that extraordinary one by Gabriel Faure, written in his 78th year. There is an evening of (appropriately idiomatic) music for those two dark, mellow voices, the clarinet and viola. Of course there is Schubert, paragon that he is among composers writing for the salon, and short masterworks by Berg, Bartok and Hindemith, which offer a glimpse of the richness of a singularly fertile musical era."

IN THE MUSIC ROOM will present its anniversary concerts at three different locations: in Bel Air, the residence of Jared Diamond and Marie Cohen; in Pacific Palisades, the residence of Mrs. Sybil Stoller; in Santa Monica at Roth Hall, Crossroads School. Commentary and conversation are always part of each evening.

For schedules, tickets and information, contact In the Music Room, POB 148, Hillsdale, NY 12529. Tel. (518) 325-l699

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