News January/February 2009



LOS ANGELES -- The fifth annual production of THEN, the edgy dance festival devoted to raw, in-your-face choreography by several of L.A.'s finest choreographers, will take place at Highways on Jan. 30 & 31.
Curated by Stephanie Nugent and Carmela Hermann, the works represent a diverse range of approaches to dance-making--from highly physical to intricate minimal to richly theatrical. There will be new works by Louis Cornejo, Terrence Luke Johnson and Kristen Smiarowski, among others.
Highways, 18th Street Art Center, 1651 18th St., Santa Monica. Call 310-315-1459 or visit
iD FEST 2009

LOS ANGELES -- The fifth annual L.A. Improv Dance Festival (iD FEST 2009--UK in LA) will take place at the Electric Lodge, Jan. 6-11. Presented by Making Faces Productions and Intention Dance Theatre with support from L.A. County Arts Commission, the fest showcases the work of such dance artists as Kristie Simson (UK), Caroline Waters (UK), Simone Forti (LA) and Jones Welsh (LA).
In-Site Collaboration Performance is an exciting new approach to improv performance which encourages renowned dancers from around the world to "collaborate on new structures, crossing disciplines and creating new territory." This year's focus is on performance. Local artists will also participate, making for a different lineup for each show.
The Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave., Venice. Call 310-823-0710 or visit

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