Classical Music News for March/April 2010:
Monday Evening Concerts has two exceptional chamber-music concerts scheduled for March and April.

On March 8 in Zipper Hall, 200 S. Grand Avenue, three pieces by the provocative British composer Frank Denyer will be performed: The Hanged Fiddler, Woman, Viola and Crow and Out of the Shattered Shadows. The first two pieces are U.S. premieres; the third is a world premiere. Performance time is 8pm.

Filling out the SHATTERED SHADOWS bill are Three Pieces for Drum Quartet by James Tenney and Still Lives by Alvin Lucier.

On April 19 & 20 (at 8pm), In the Dark by Austrian composer Georg Friederich Haas will be performed at the Neighborhood Church, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena.

"The piece must be performed in complete darkness," reads Haas' instructions to In the Dark, also known as his Third String Quartet. By eliminating a visual connection with the space and performers (the JACK Quartet), ears and the aural imagination are stimulated.

For tickets and information about Monday Evening Concert's new music series, call 310-836-6632 or visit mondayevening

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