Classical Music News for March/April 2015:


The Henschel and Lark String Quartets will give chamber-music concerts in southern California this March and April, announced The Music Guild.
The Henschel, hailed by LA Times’ Mark Swed as “one of the best ensembles in the world,” will perform pieces by Mozart, Janacek and Beethoven, March 9-11. The quartet, comprised of Christoph Henschel (violin), Monika Henschel-Schwind (viola), Daniel Bell (violin) and Mathias Beyer-Karlshoj (cello), has won numerous major prizes over the years, including a gold medal at the 1996 Osaka International String Competition.
The Lark String Quartet will play works by Hugo Wolf, Aaron Copeland, Franz Haydn and Anton Dvorak, April 20-22. The Lark has a distinguished tradition of working closely with the country’s most celebrated composers and commissioning new works, many of which have become mainstays of the chamber music repertoire.

The Music Guild’s concerts take place at three different venues: University Synagogue, Brentwood; Cal State Long Beach; and Adat Ari El Temple, North Hollywood. For tickets and information call 310-558-3500 or visit



Donald Runnicles will conduct the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in works by Brahms and Strauss at the opening concert of the Edinburgh International Festival, Saturday August 7 at Usher Hall. The Edinburgh Festival Chorus, headed by Christopher Bell, will also take part in the concert.

Richard Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben, a powerful musical and autobiographical portrait of a hero’s life, will follow three pieces by Brahms, including the brooding Gesang der Parzen and selections from the charming Liebeslieder Waltzer.

For tickets and information call 44-(0)131-473-2000 or visit

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